Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 26

Where should a company start when taking their first step in building a successful presence online?

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Why you shouldn’t build a website (nor the multiple thousands it will cost to represent your brand) and what you should do instead.

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

– What 2 steps you must do first to protect your brand

– We share with you the time it makes sense to invest thousands in building a website you and your company can be proud of

– What website to direct your focus on when you’re testing your idea to prove the concept (Or disprove the concept so you can abandon the project before wasting too much time or money on it)

– 1 big mistake to avoid because it does long-term damage and potentially even kills your brand right from the start

– Business sale – if you ever plan to sell your business one day, two things to do today that will make it possible (without these two it could be impossible)