Episode 24

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 24

What is one overlooked problem I should anticipate when getting my entire business website redesigned?

Entrepreneur Clarified


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What's even more important than the content you decide to publish on your website. Wisdom from our mentor Roy H Williams

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

- Content is king for conversions. We share the two critical pieces to know if your content needs updating and/or a visual upgrade

– Which shiny object to include on your website so it has that wow factor while still maintaining a clean, professional look and most importantly lightning fast webpage load speed

- What specific point in the project to bring in A web designer/user experience expert

- Mobile preeminence – one of our Adwords clients gets 80% of his visitors via smart phones. We share the critical mistake many people make regarding the mobile display of their website and the simple fix

- Why cheapest is rarely best when considering what web professional to hire for your project

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