Episode 22

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 22

What is one newer trait or skill every successful social media manager should have in 2015?

Entrepreneur Clarified


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The one core component your social media manager must have to cut through the social media clutter without being intrusive

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

-- The one critical component to success especially with social advertising campaigns

-- Broadcast model fail -- what to do instead that works like gangbusters

-- The #1 reason to invest in a social media manager

-- The 2 important pieces even if you're doing a branding or awareness campaign on social platforms

-- What 3 piercing questions you deserve to ask your client to move into the realm of legendary customer service

-- Wisdom from our friend Curt Maly to keep your messages from getting slapped or deleted

-- The most important asset people hoard. If you can master this you'll lead your industry

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