Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 2

What’s your one big tip to start monetizing social media?

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What we share:

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Learn our 1 Big Tip to make money from your investment in social media. We share our “open door” policy and simple ways to track your effectiveness so you don’t need to hire an expensive Harvard “quant”

In this Entrepreneur Clarified episode

What we share:

– Why you deserve to drive people back to a specific website and specific page to give yourself the best chance to make money from your investment of time and capital into social media.

– Open the door for people to learn more. How to do this and the easy way to create this for each platform

– How to track your efforts and split testing the simple way so you don’t have to be a Harvard graduate “quant” to get meaningful data that helps you make more money

– How to use some of the advanced features inside Facebook and Twitter to get the “7 to 12 times rule” of sales working in your favor