Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 19

I’m worried my team is putting too much energy into responding to angry customers vs. making happy ones happier. What is one tip you’d give me for helping them learn the difference?

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Hidden Gold – A tip for customer service to unlock the “Hidden Gold” in your business

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

– How to get customers over the moon and ecstatic. When it makes sense to invest more time in this instead of attempting to keep angry customers

– Framework Formula – we give you simple guidelines so your team knows the break-even point for moving to happy customers from angry ones

– Higher Level – helping happy customers more means more money for your business. Not necessarily true helping angry customers more.

– Double-edged Sword – where to send those angry customers that helps them and also indirectly helps you gain in your industry

– Leadership – 1 thing you must do to lead this shift to customer service better using their time

– The power of “No” and when to allow and angry customer to stay with you