Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 14

As an entrepreneur, it pays to plan ahead when attending a big event like CES or South by Southwest. What’s the most important thing we consider and why?

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What tools and technology to think about so you get maximum value from your event and participation in the overall larger event

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

— Why it’s good to have someone local. Usually these large events happen across multiple venues. So getting there on time and having the right kind of transportation are critical

— What major article of clothing you probably haven’t considered but that will make or break your experience

— How to host a party that Stands Out from all the others at the event and how to make it worth your investment of time, human resources and dollars for your business

— What to do to get long-term value from your 1-time event

— An effective way to get other companies to pay for the cost of your event. Josh shares tips that have helped him get sponsors