Episode 12

Entrepreneur Clarified - Episode 12

What is one of the most common challenges an entrepreneur will face between year one and year two?

Entrepreneur Clarified


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Inferiority Complex - how to overcome it because you have 2 things even billionaires don’t, even if you're just starting out

What we share on Entrepreneur Clarified:

-- Josh shares the biggest challenge (feeling alone) and steps for how you can find the entrepreneur's solution

-- Clint shares a lesson learned from Michael Ellsberg on how to connect with influential people

-- 7 Presidential Hats - as a business owner you have similarities to the president in that you wear lots of different hats. In the same way the president has advisors, you need mentors and advisors. We share our tips for how to find the “best fit” mentors to achieve your desired outcomes

-- Prosperity -- we lay out the reasons why you deserve to focus on your business magic superpower and hand everything else off

-- Josh shares why you deserve to ask for help even if you're just starting out and what you have to offer in exchange

Your mantra should be:

Keep asking

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