Entrepreneur Clarified – Episode 1

What is the best way to get more real Facebook likes and Twitter followers? What shortcuts waste time and should be avoided?

What we share:

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Learn why buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers from service providers can harm your business and what 4 things to do instead to boost social proof and sales.

In this Entrepreneur Clarified episode

– You’ll learn why we don’t recommend buying Facebook likes or twitter followers from people offering those “gigs” on various resale sites, Fiverr.com being one such site.

– We’ll talk about how that can harm your business and torpedo your efforts on each of those social sites.

– Josh tells you what he’d do instead.

– We’ll share with you the hybrid way to get the same social proof benefits of buying those fans and followers who often turn out to be fake, but instead how to get real ones.

– When do you turn on the advertising tap at Facebook or twitter? We’ll let you know what foundations you need in place and when it would be a good experiment to invest in.

– We’ll talk about how you can incorporate the e-mails you send back and forth to help with this process. Hint: we’re talking about a strategy outside of the broadcast e-mails you send to your list. It’s more powerful.

– We’ll talk about what retargeting is and how you can use it to further boost your audience building efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus and any other site you’re putting time or cash investment into.