Entrepreneur Clarified – New Episode Each Monday


You get 3 to 7 minutes of business wisdom or lessons each Monday.

Each episode starts with one question facing business owners today (we encourage you to send in your most pressing question).

Then Josh and Clint give their answer, what they’ve learned, or what they’d do in that situation based on what would be the most useful path.

It’s a co-hosted show. We reserve the right to bring on an occasional guest for a special segment which may be roughly TED length at about 18 to 20 minutes.

Now for your co-hosts:


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Joshua B. Lee


I’m that elusive blend of entrepreneur and investor. My big mission is to improve the world by educating entrepreneurs (and those who want to become business owners) looking for 10X growth results. Entrepreneur Clarified is one piece of that puzzle.

I am and have been the executive at 7 and 8-figure companies throughout my career, mostly in the online advertising industry.

On the investor side, I’m a cofounder or equity stakeholder in a total of 10 companies.

My co-host Clint says I have a refreshing candor and willingness to talk about all my mistakes including my $1.3 million mistake.

My goal is to share those mistakes and the business lessons I’ve learned on my journey in many different industries as either a business owner or investor.
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Clint Evans


I’m a business owner who aspires to be an entrepreneur investor.

My big mission aligns with Josh’s to improve the world via knowledge programs and helping business owners implement their increased knowledge. Entrepreneur Clarified is one platform to help me do that.

I’ve worked with small business owner clients to help them with their SEO and digital marketing over the last 14 years. I’ve learned a lot publishing for them getting to my business magic superpower which is… honing in the essence of their unique talent, packaging it, and then publishing it in an easy to understand way.

I’m looking to grow into the angel investor or even venture capital world because I believe businesses and entrepreneurs make the world more efficient and solve problems in a sustainable way.

My goal is to share the mistakes that I’ve learned from as well as the mistakes me and my clients have made together so you can follow some of my favorite advice I like to follow from Warren Buffett.

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” ~Warren Buffett

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