David Gonzalez

The ad that sparked him from 2 clients to his first $1,000,000 business, the sale, crash, and the private revelation that led him out of a $100K financial crater

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Creating a compelling ‘ask’ to the super successful

“Ben Franklin asked somebody he’d been at odds with to borrow a rare book. The letter he wrote to ‘ask’ was done in a specific way. The lesson is to create a compelling ‘ASK’. Franklin said his fastest rider would return the book within 7 days. It wasn’t one of those wishy-washy ‘I’ll return it as soon as I can’ requests. It’s about asking for help in a way that makes the other person feel like they are being transported to a surreal place.”


Ideal Networker

“Only give to people you want to connect with. Beyond that, instead of only giving, ask. Only ask for wisdom and advice. Execute on that advice. When you execute that’s when you stand out!”


Unconventional Wisdom

“This may not be unconventional just little talked about. Make it important to create stories. Create experiences that become stories as much as you can. When you get invited by someone you really like, do something to create an experience that becomes a story. If you’re always there in situations that become stories, you’ll always be welcome.”



Richard Bandler’s 2 kinds of change

“The 2 kinds of change you can do are remedial or generative. Remedial change is getting something from broken to fixed. Generative change is where something is working beautifully and you ask, ‘How can I make this shine?’ How can I create even more?”


Counterintuitive Debt Win

“Counterintuitively overcoming $100,000 in debt — Counterintuitive wisdom at the end of the ‘Money Drunk, Money Sober’ book was to get a ‘money buddy’ accountability partner. The book said if I didn’t know who to pick, then to check out Debtors Anonymous because most cities have a local chapter. This has been one of the biggest values to help me be a ‘recovering big deal chaser’ back financially healthy and growing stronger.”


Asking advice from the super successful

“Buy somebody lunch. If you could only ask one person for the best advice for a specific business challenge you’re having, who would that be? Ask that person if they’d be willing to help you with that very specific problem. If they say yes, then make it your life’s mission to do everything in your power to act on their advice at all costs. I don’t hear people talking about this but it’s a powerful networking technique. When you follow through on their advice, you stand out as a person they want to spend more time with and even love.”

Why Listen to David:

David Shares:

– This Ad sparked his first $1,000,000+ hypnosis business

– The private counterintuitive revelation that led him out of $100,000 in debt

– How to ask for advice (and get it) from industry titans and business people at the top of their field.

– The big key to standing out when networking with the super successful

– Creating a compelling ‘ask’ Ben Franklin style

– How to get invited back to the ‘IT’ parties and events by the most well known in your industry or city

– In the last place you’d expect he found the key to boosting his financial literacy and investment strategy

David Gonzalez bio:

David Gonzalez is the founder of The Internet Marketing Party(TM) and Simply The Coolest Joint Venture Agency.

He’s a consummate super-connector, who loves helping people find what they need.

One of his clients refers to him as the best Relationship Capitalist he’s ever met. He’s developed relationships with many of the most successful and interesting entrepreneurs based around just being a cool, helping person.

About 14 years ago he started a hypnosis Center that was his first million dollar business. They had a staff of 12.

One day his accountant told him he owed about $20,000 more in taxes than they planned for. He stopped for a while to consider and think how he might bring $20K in. A short while later, a client he’d set up a joint venture partnership with said that one of their sales campaigns had brought in an additional $24,000.

He’s always had an interest in personal development, neurolinguistic programming, and hypnosis. He was interested in Tony Robbins material from an early age. In his early 20s he’d already studied with the founder of NLP, Richard Bandler.

He didn’t enjoy marketing the hypnosis and NLP sessions. All he wanted to do was see clients. Then one day in a flash of serendipity he saw an ad for a hypnosis business that acted like a franchise. It promised that he could sell 100 clients per day.

David at the time, was doing 1 or 2 NLP clients per month! Needless to say he was intrigued.

He ended up running that business for nine years and then sold it. He didn’t know what he wanted to do next.

He asked one of his friends Michael Lovitch for advice. This led him into the world of knowledge programs and sales on the Internet. He admits bumbling around for about five years as an opportunist hopping from thing to thing. In just the last couple of years he’s become a strategist.

He had the big payday from selling the hypnosis business and feels it was something of a curse holding him back in this new industry. He was flush with cash and had lots of time. This led to a lack of urgency and indecisiveness.

He’s gotten clarity and now works with some of the biggest names in the personal development industry.

Disclosure – Explicit Lyric

David says 1 curse word during this episode.

Some Shareables from David in this episode…

Over the top ad delivered

“When I was in my hypnosis business I saw this ad that said ‘How to make $1 million in a hypnosis business by seeing 100 clients per day’. It was so incredible and incredulous but it was so matter of fact that I had to find out what it was. It did work for me.”

Tim Ferris

“Tim Ferris gives you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. But he doesn’t give you the right context. Or he doesn’t tell you that he’s changed the system or the game.”

#1 path to profits

“I’d identify a market that aligns with my innate interests and desires. Then I’d identify a very specific service that people are enthusiastically willing to part with their money for. I’d confirm that by telling a few people that I’m going to do this with about 3 clients but I’m not ready yet. If you’re willing to give me money now, you’re guaranteed a spot. Then I’d learn as much as I could about fulfilling and execute swiftly.”

Net Promoter Score

“My mission is to have my clients net promoter score always be a 9 or above. Jeffrey Gitomer wrote a book called ‘Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless’. Net promoter score is a management tool that can be used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. It’s an alternative to traditional customer satisfaction research. Net promoter score is highly correlated to profits.”


“A vast majority of my customers have a net promoter score of 9 or above. It’s not just about making money and not just about being happy. Is it sustainable in a useful and meaningful way? The best way to determine that is if the people paying the money are thrilled. Then it’s sustainable.”

Biggest mistake on personal level

“I didn’t execute on my passing interest in martial arts until about 1 year ago. Martial arts has given me so much clarity and depth of power. My coach is Brazilian jujitsu trainer Mikal Abdullah. I wish I’d started when I was 10 years old. It’s great to get started with any martial art that’s near you.”

“My second big mistake on a global level was not hiring a high-quality business coach sooner. This came as a result of me realizing how much up leveling my life required due to my experience practicing jujitsu.”

Biggest mistake in business

“I spent a significant amount of money buying into a business opportunity. I lost every penny. I found out later it was a complete fraud. They gave me a list of about 20 people to contact but it turns out they were all in cahoots with the founder. The business opportunity was a complete fake. Mistakes are really important, though people usually avoid them. One of my early mentors, John LaVow, encourages people he hires to make mistakes but they can only make the same mistake once.”

“My biggest mistake was investing significant money into a business opportunity that turned out to be a complete fake. I wish I’d learned a lesson that big around hiring friends or in a business partnership. Once you reach a certain level of success you stop being such an opportunist and become a strategist.”

Favorite part of entrepreneur’s journey

“Warren Buffett was in a private room where the business school graduating class had gathered. He was talking and doing some Q&A. A brilliant Asian student stands up and she asks him, ‘What does success mean to you?’ He answered, ‘Success is having everyone you want to love you, love you’. My favorite part is creating this network of people who’ve self-selected to become true friends. They are people I know I can count on and they know they can count on me. The difference between family and your dear friends is you get to pick your dear friends.”

Weirdest thing

“Weirdest lesson — getting into jujitsu through the Internet Marketing Party because of Dan Rose. Dan is one of the cofounders and one third partner of Mike Chang’s Six Pack Abs Shortcuts business.

You’ve seen this all over YouTube because of Dan Rose. I asked Dan what he does for fun and he said, ‘Weight training. You should come train with us sometime.’ For the first time in my life I started feeling old, weak and like I didn’t want to exercise which had never happened to me before. I’d always felt like if somebody dared me to run a marathon I’d jump into it.

About three years ago, I started working out consistently with Dan for a year. For my first five years in this business I wandered around as an opportunist, poking around and looking for the ‘perfect thing’. It wasn’t until I started hanging out with Dan consistently that I got it. He’s so focused.

We’d be in the gym sometimes and this amazing woman that was barely dressed, dripping with sweat, had curves in all the right places would walk right by as we were doing lat pulls. I’d give Dan a look and he wouldn’t have even noticed.

As workout buddies do, I’d say to him, ‘Check her out’. He’d give a quick glance and then go right back to the next rep. That’s how focused he is at the gym and at the office it’s the same way. People have to coach him a little bit to be a little friendlier because they mistake his focus for being antisocial.

He asked me one day if I wanted to do some Muy Thai or jujitsu. I said, ‘Hell no. That sounds painful.’ But he insisted in his Dan Rose Way. Because of the bond we had built working out, that got me into jujitsu which has had such a profound effect on my life.

I’m now helping my coach write a book called, ‘life is jujitsu is life’. I inspired the title of that book.

There’s so much in jujitsu that applies to business. Things that are counterintuitive to what you’d think to do.”


“When I finally ran out of money from selling my hypnosis business, I woke up one day and realized I was $100,000 in debt. Somebody shared the book with me ‘Money Drunk, Money Sober’ by Julia Cameron who used to be married to Martin Scorsese.

She makes the link that there are money addicts similar to the way there are food, alcohol, and gambling addicts. Money addiction shows up in different ways like some food addicts are anorexic but some food addicts are over eaters. Counterintuitive is to get as brutally real with yourself about what’s going on in your world…financially, and health, and with your family.

What I realized is I was a ‘big deal chaser’. Instead of focusing on base hits I was always swinging for the fences. I wasn’t paying attention to my money at all.”

“Money Drunk, Money Sober is more of a workbook, not just to skim through and intellectualize ideas. You take a little action every day from this tiny, thin workbook. Counterintuitive wisdom at the end of the ‘Money Drunk, Money Sober’ book was to get a ‘money buddy’. This is an accountability partner for your money, like picking a sponsor if you were in a 12 step program.”

On debt

“I was deeply in debt, about $100,000, and paralyzed. Debtors anonymous has been one of the biggest values to help me recover and stop being a ‘big deal chaser’. I know tons of successful people who are living a debtors lifestyle. They don’t do the basic best practices that are good in any business owner’s life.”

Richard Bandler’s two kinds of change

“When I first started debtors anonymous it was all about remedial change. Now that my business is thriving and I’m in this ‘the better it gets the better it gets’ place like my mentor Jesse Elder talks about, now I’m working on generative change. Now I’m working on savings, investing, building wealth and not just getting out of debt.”

Ignorance and conventional wisdom

“It’s hard for me to answer this because my tendency is toward outliers. I follow, read, and listen to the counterintuitive type stuff. Like most people, what we surround ourselves with becomes easy for us to assume that’s the way the world is.”

Mediocre yet common Networking

“Usually when somebody’s networking they’re looking for a ‘win-win’ or a ‘win I don’t care’. It’s not even a ‘win-lose’ because only sociopaths actively look for that. People just think about themselves. But an ideal networker truly desires in their heart of hearts a win-win not just looking at it like a saying on a bumper sticker.”

Joint venture agency

“We help our clients get more people to promote their products. On the other side, we help our clients bring more value to their customers and followers by pairing our clients with other businesses and product owners who could help our clients’ customers.”

Once you have all the money you want…

“Once you have all the money you want, the houses, cars, travel and everything, people usually end up collecting stuff. What do they collect? They collect stuff that has unique and interesting stories. No matter how rich or how poor, people want unique and interesting experiences.”

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