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Learn how eclectic inputs led tech savant to create a global super foods business and why 2 seconds is the most important number for your website

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#1 path if starting over

“If I had all my knowledge and no responsibility, I’d leave the US because Costa Rica, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam offer the same or better Internet infrastructure and you can live like royalty in those places where you’d be below the poverty line here in the US. Me and my wife are entrenched here in Texas. But if the dollar ever collapsed we have backup plans in place.”

Importance of website speed

“One component of your business is a website or multiple websites. Amazon did a study. If the information on your website shows up in less than 2 seconds, you make 100% of your possible conversions. For every second thereafter, you lose 10% of your potential conversions. Rule of thumb: make sure your content shows up in under 2 seconds even under high traffic loads.”

Big Win Advice

“If you can’t figure out how to make all of your income from home then find somebody today and pay them whatever it takes to become their apprentice or have them coach you.”

Biggest mistake

“First I recommend you go read a copy of Aesop’s fable ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’. However long you think winter is going to be multiply by 10. Make sure you have enough reserves stored up to navigate winter. Your motto should be ‘Winter is coming’ like from Game of Thrones or my preference is the South Park version of Game of Thrones. The white walkers will come and get your money. Winter will suck your money.”

Life Design for Success

“The introvert is somebody that generates or recharges their energy by being alone. A lot of people might think I’m an extrovert because I put that hat on a lot and go out in public. It’s good to understand if you derive energy from being with groups or from being by yourself. Adjust your lifestyle accordingly.”

Harmless Whim Self-Power Concept

“Harmless whim is a concept from a book called ‘Practical Work on Self’ by E.J. Gold. To gratify a harmless whim at the beginning is a method for accumulating the will to awaken your biological machine. This little exercise is to pick a harmless whim and do it over and over for a long period of time just for the sake of making some activity highly conscious.”

Conventional Myths

“Two big myths right now are that you can save your way to a fortune or invest in the stock market. And you also require a college degree. A chiropractor in Dallas wrote a fascinating article about how it was going to take over 28 years for her to pay off her degree.”

Why Listen to David Favor:

In the audio, David shares:

– Why 2 seconds is the most important web number (Amazon’s millions in research showed this)

– #1 thing he’d do if starting over to live like a queen/king

– His ‘Big Win’ advice

– Biggest Mistake and how Aesop’s Ant and Grasshopper can save you from it

– Introverts way to design your life for success

– What a ‘Harmless Whim’ is and how it can surge your business

– 2 big conventional myths that devastate your life if you fall prey to them

He’s been on the bleeding edge of technology for over 30 years. He loves dealing with websites and testing esoteric things like TCP/IP connections and other interesting webpage load speed experiments.

He’s faced health challenges which led him to create his Radical Health business. He uses his technology background and knowledge to help other businesses and keep his Radical Health business on the cutting edge.

His philosophy is you can be passionate about what you’re doing and still make a truckload of money. If you can’t figure out how to make money doing your passion, then find a mentor to help you with the money side.

He grew up in rural Oklahoma and Texas. He mainly grew up in the town of Silkwood of which they made a movie that Meryl Streep was in.

His parents were both very creative and he appreciates the perspective they gave him. His dad believed the only way you ever really know something is through experience. You can hire people to do things for you or hire books to learn them because anything you don’t know you can teach yourself.


David talks quite a bit about some stories and experiences involving drugs. He recommends staying away from drugs for a number of reasons. Drugs amplify your current state of mind. If you think you’ll feel better by taking acid that’s a bad choice. If you’re in a bad place when you take acid, you may never come back.

If you’ve ever considered any high-performance chemical the warning and thing to be sure of is that you’re in a good place already both mentally and with your physical health. This is similar to fasting. The only time you’d ever want to water fast is when you’re already in close to ideal health. Fasting is a bad choice if your goal is to lose weight or clear up some other type of health challenge.

Only consider doing drastic things like fasting or high-performance chemicals when you’re in a perfect state of homeostasis (a.k.a. balance). The best advice to follow is to avoid substances and drastic behaviors because of the unpredictability and potential side effects. The ultimate decision lies with you so make sure you know yourself and the current state of where your life is if you’re considering one of these drastic things.

Some Shareables from David in this episode…

#1 path to profits

“If you make $10,000 on a job here in the US you have tons of overhead and taxes. If you live outside the US for more than 350 days, you don’t pay any taxes on the first $99,000 of your earnings. If you can’t figure out how to make all of your income from home then find somebody today and pay them whatever it takes to become their apprentice or have them coach you.

Go through an inventory of all your skills, likes and dislikes to figure out how you can make all your income from home. Your goal is to make that portable so if you’d like to intensely increase your lifestyle then you can just pick up and move.”

Biggest mistake – No Winter Plan

“Winter might be if your appliances get together with your vehicles and all conspire to break at the same time. Or a big wind storm blows all the shingles off your roof. If you can’t figure out how to overcome the winter that’s coming, then you’ve gotta leave. Go someplace where it’s summer.”

Favorite part of the entrepreneur’s journey

“Discovering I’m an intensely bipolar, manic loving introvert. Robin Williams the actor was intensely bipolar. The thing about bipolarism is when you’re manic it’s like you’re on the best speedball ever.

Your senses are extended into your environment. You can think faster and better. You can more quickly synthesize your current body of knowledge with your incoming external stimulus to come up with better solutions. It’s just a really great place to live.

I came to the realization that I choose to stay manic all the time. I adjust everything I eat, drink and breathe and also everything I think, feel, say and do to intensify my manic-ism. Also I arrange to be alone so I can build up this massive, continually generative charge of energy. My favorite part was designing and implementing my life so I have time freedom and near continuous solitude.”

Weirdest thing

“If you go on Amazon you can pick up a book called ‘Practical Work on Self’ by E.J. Gold. I got a hold of the first version of this book probably back in 1988.

Chapter 8 is called harmless whim. To gratify a harmless whim at the beginning is a method for accumulating the will to awaken your biological machine. This little exercise is to pick a harmless whim and do it over and over for a long period of time just for the sake of making some activity highly conscious.

I thought about this for years and years. Then in 2004, I mixed up the first batch of chocolate bliss. I started drinking this on a daily basis and just thought I’d do that for a little while. Turns out I’ve been doing it for over 10 years almost every day. I started doing it for raw food feasts we had at our house.

My harmless whim turned into a global superfoods business. That’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to me.”

“You really have no idea. if you do something long enough regardless of what it is, you’ll accumulate so much knowledge and mastery about that domain of information that you may be able to come up with some sort of business. I hate to even say it that way. A better phrasing is a way for exchanging your knowledge and energy for other people’s money which is their condensed knowledge and energy in a different form.

If you keep doing something long enough, you may come up with something new that can be swapped to somebody else for their knowledge and energy.”


“Years ago I was in this room with well-known marketing expert Dan Kennedy at an unpublicized event. Dan is the first person that codified the information and shared it in a way that it was a duplicatable system for other people. He’s the first great marketer who exposed how you too can do what he does. He said, ‘It appears the primary factor for success is people’s success is proportional to their eclectic input’.

These are off the wall things that you have no clue how they’re going to turn into anything useful in your life.

I prioritize my eclectic input. Also, my wetware hacking, hacking my body, brain and being above all else.

I came in with nothing and I’m going out with nothing so the only effect I can have is to hack my wetware. E.J. Gold defines a person’s essential self. This is the component of a person that’s non-phenomenal, that’s eternal. I have my physical being have an effect on my electrical charge.

I always prioritize that. No matter what comes up in my life, I read books or watch oddball documentaries . I recently watched a documentary about the signing of the Treaty of Versailles and how it led to the conflicts we see today. I watched one about the collapse of the Ottoman Empire which is contributing to most of the conflicts in the middle east today.

There is no reason for this from a business, health or relationship standpoint. It’s just something I felt attracted to so I studied it. Maybe it won’t have any use for me but they seemed important to me so I honored my intuition and did it independent of what it meant. I didn’t question why. I just had this impetus and I went for it.”

Conventional wisdom

“I’ve never met a wealthy person who made their wealth through education or investing money. Two big myths right now are that you can save your way to a fortune or invest in the stock market. And you also require a college degree. A chiropractor in Dallas wrote a fascinating article about how it was going to take over 28 years for her to pay off her degree.

She said she’d have more money in the bank if she had started flipping burgers at McDonald’s from day one instead of going the conventional route she went.

I started in school to be an engineer. I looked at the average salary of an engineer. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to get a job. I looked at the number of graduates and the number of jobs that would make enough money to make a college education sensible and I figured out there wasn’t a prayer.

I figured it different ways. It looked like 20 to 30 years to be able to pay off my student debt. I’d go to school for five or six years and then it’d be 20 to 30 years before I’d ever made one dollar of my own money. I dropped out that day. I just stopped going.

The other thing is saving money. Instead of investing in stocks and bonds, invest it in learning. Instead of hoping to turn your one dollar invested in a stock into $1,000 and 10 years from now, Turn that $1 invested in your learning into $1,000 per week.”

The challenge with securities

“The challenge with securities is they’re denominated in some currency. The US financial system is on the brink. If it collapses those dollars are worth zipidy do da. However, if you took those dollars and invested them into learning skills over those 10 years, someplace in the world there will be a currency that’s strong.

If you accumulate knowledge over a time period, you can always sell that knowledge to whoever is in the economy that’s strong at any given time.”

True Power

“If you can figure out a way to sell your knowledge or you could be independent regardless of what the currency does, that’s true power. Most people are awash in whatever culture they live in. They’re at the whims of whatever government and bureaucracies they’re participating in. The greatest power a person can have is knowing if it gets bad wherever they are, they just go someplace else.”

Passive Income

“Implementing the redesign of my passive income is very exciting. I sort of have passive income from my superfood business except the challenge is there are a lot of moving parts. We import a lot of our materials from South America and Asia. Any time a government ‘re-organizes’ or a crop fails, it’s a problem.

I have a knack for retooling websites. I worked at IBM for over 10 years so it doesn’t matter what type of software or system the website runs on. I can make it blazingly fast. I charge a high flat rate for consulting and setting up this speed, then host the website. That is a form of passive income because my cost for servers is fixed.

I can tune a server to host thousands or maybe even tens of thousands of websites. I’ve almost got enough of this type of income to cover my living and my relaxation.”

Learn more about David:

Skype to davidfavor. If your message is interesting he’ll accept. If it’s boring he’ll ignore it. Make it mutually beneficial.

This takes you to his books on Amazon about his system. Beautiful Business is the book that talks about his process and how he setup his process.

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