Christie Mims

Recovering strategy and management consultant went on a career safari to find her true calling as a women’s career coach.

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#1 Path to Growth

“First of all I’d stop doing what I think I should do and start doing what I wanted to do. I thought you had to build a local coaching practice before you could build a global one. I felt like I had to go to local networking events. I wish I had started guest posting, guest speaking and guests webinar presenting from day one to connect with people the way I wanted to connect with them.”


The Growth Sweetspot

“There’s a really cool overlap where you can be the most you, you can inject all of your personality and expertise overlapping with what the people you’re serving really need. If you hit that sweet spot, they love you for being yourself because it allows them to be themselves. Your business grows because of it.”


Self-inflicted roadblock

“What I want is scaring me so I’m doing the safe thing. But I need to do the scary thing because that’s where the success is going to be.”


Favorite part

“Becoming who I want to be as a person. Someone who faces fears, does it anyway and takes risks.”


Weird move that worked

“In DC everybody was asking me how my business was. I said, ‘It’s great, I’m leaving.’ I wanted to be near the water and was done with DC.”


Bad Conventional Wisdom

“If you’ve just started a new business you HAVE to get on social media. That’s terrible advice for a variety of reasons. One is when you first start a business you usually don’t have a team and social media takes a lot of time.”

In the audio, Christie Mims shares:

— The #1 limiting mindset she’d overcome if she could start over again

— Her biggest mistake which involves the fallacy of safety

— How she fell into her big mistake again six months later and her advice so you don’t fall into this

— What was killing her and the thing that brought her out of that darkness

— What held her back and the counterintuitive thing she did that grew her business by leaps and bounds

— The bad conventional wisdom involving businesses and social media

Christie Mims is the Founder and CEO of The Revolutionary Club, the number one destination for smart women who are unwilling to settle for anything less than career happiness.

Compassionate, caring, and a little kick-ass, Christie is here to make sure that you love what you do because life is too short to NOT love what you do.

She’s A certified professional coach and recovering consultant with a background working for Fortune 500 companies.

She’s dispensed career advice for Forbes, LearnVest, Brazen Careerist, Yahoo! and many more, and can be seen speaking at the University of VA, The Daily Muse, Women for Hire, The US Army, and at a variety of other organizations.

She started out as a strategy and management consultant because she felt like it’s what you do when you have a history degree and no further direction from there. She figured she would discover what she was passionate about doing but looked up and it was 8 years later.

She had a fantastic job at a wonderful Fortune 500 company but something was missing.

She finally went and got some coaching. She discovered she loved this and that there was such a huge need out there for it both for women and men. But she is passionate about helping and coaching other women.

She recently did a happy dance when her website was named a Forbes Top 100 for careers

Some Shareables from Christie Mims in this episode…

Biggest mistake

“When I was first starting out I wanted to have a career coaching business but I was scared. I had an opportunity to partner with other coaches in an educational business so that’s what I did. Even though it wasn’t what I wanted to do I felt so much safer working with other people. It distracted me from my business and my own growth.”

Weirdest thing

“This did not happen to me I did it to myself. I had a coaching practice in Washington DC helping people find work that they love. It’s a great place to be because people there are miserable. I left all my connections in DC and moved to San Francisco. People told me I was crazy for moving my business and starting out new in one of the most expensive cities in America.”


“I wanted to be a career coach. The conventional wisdom was that you had to wear a suit and be Uber professional. Don’t talk about anything personal because this is career coaching not life coaching. That was what I thought I had to be in the beginning… super professional and detached. In my work I’m very professional but I’m also very me and share crazy stories.”

Bad conventional wisdom

“If you’ve just started a new business you HAVE to get on social media. That’s terrible advice for a variety of reasons. One is when you first start a business you usually don’t have a team and social media takes a lot of time. Second, as an entrepreneur it’s hard to do many things well yet you’re called to do everything for the most part especially in the beginning. The advice I give is don’t be on every social network. Instead, figure out the one or two places where your clients and referral partners hang out and then just be awesome in those places.”

“Social media is a chance for people to get to know and like you. And get an idea of what you do and learn from you. So you’ve got to be active there and it should be fun. I hated it for a while because I was trying to be everywhere and didn’t have a plan.”

Learn more about Christie Mims: – if you’re feeling stuck, stressed, drained or just want an inspirational boost then head over to the revolutionary club.

She offers a “fancy pants” workbook at It’s six simple steps to find work that makes you happy.