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Small Business Marketing Campaign strategist and creator Clint Evans

Clint Evans

Online Media Strategist, 3-time Amazon Best-Selling Author, co-host of Path to Millions show, and Industry Authority Builder


Clint Evans is a columnist as part of the Business.com Expert Contributor program. He’s written articles that have been published by Yahoo, Austin Business Journal, and was one of the first to get accepted to publish full articles on LinkedIn.

He’s also been featured and quoted by local affiliates of ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, CNN, the Miami Herald, the Boston Globe, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Dental Economics, Cabinetmaker FDM, and hundreds of other major newspaper websites and trade publications across the US.

“I’ve gotten a number of clients featured in full spotlight articles and quoted on major media websites. I’d love to get the process of building your authority started OR further developed for you. Call or e-mail me now to see how we can help you.” ~Clint Evans


Joshua LeeJoshua Lee


I’m looking to improve the world through expert online education programs. I do this by helping experts who wouldn’t have access or were scared by technology hurdles.

I founded and act as President of the advertising agency LF Media, inc. Over the last decade brands under this
corporation include:

  • Adfirmative
  • MySearchNetwork
  • LeadsandFeeds
  • CPCresults
  • Austin Advertising Alliance

Collectively we serve over 100 BILLION online impression each month.

I’m always looking for the next adventure.

The life of an entrepreneur includes multiple activities.  I sit on many Advisory Boards, co-founded Mega Media Buzz, Path to Millions and help as a life/business coach. I helped my wife start Cal-Tex Swim Co, a swimming school to extend her talents.

A local passion project I started is Monstapreneurs. This is a networking group started in Austin for fellow entrepreneurs and C-level executives. We connect monthly to help “Relax, Reset, and Refocus” through epic experiences. These shared experiences bring flow to their lives and keep their drive to excel every day.

MySearchNetwork.com is the newest project I’m working on. I feel it’ll change the way people search and connect online because, “A million people searching together is more powerful than one searching alone”